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yes, you are right.

you do not need to isolate all pins however, because some probably are not connected in the L7-bridge, so they are "isolated" already.

also you only need single wire bridges, you do not need to put them all in as shown in the pinmod guide, because some are already connected in L7.

what you need to do really is take a good look at the pinmod guide, the painting guide and maybe the schematics and see how they all work together.

what is your current vcore/L7 configuration?

Okai.. let's go on with my mod... :

I tried to go from 1,750 to 1,450volts ! After my experiments, the voltage is at 1,850 ... it dosen't work ! argl !

I'll explain you what I've done, and you'll tell me what's wrong.

The original setting for the L7 bridges are :

   |    |    X   |    |        ---->  "|" stands for closed "X" for opened
  vid4  3   2   1   0

I want to achieve this setting :

   X    |    |    |    |
  vid4  3   2    1   0

So... I only have to change the state of vid4 and vid2 (AM I WRONG?).... let's go.. !

This is what i've done :
First :  Isolating vid4 pin on the cpu (by using varnish)
Second : Put a wire bridge beetween two socket holes : vid2 and vss.

When i realised that it dosen't worked, in unpluged the CPU and take the varnish to paint another layer on the vid4 pin ! But, it dosen't work  : the result is exactly the same : my vcore is set to the maximum : 1,85volts (also a jump of +0,1volt)

What are my results saying ?
My current setting is 1,85volts, that is to say L7 = X X X X X
I conclude that the wire bridging of vid2 works well, but the isolated vid4 pin not !

Do I forget something ? Probably may I isolate the vid4 pin AND put another wire bridge somewhere... ? May I simply cut the vid4 pin ?

In my bios, the value displayed is exactly the same as before, but motherboard monitor or sisoftware Sandra says that the voltage is dropped to 1,89volts (1,85 in fact). This is bizarre..... (why is my BIOS reporting a bad value?)

Please tell me where are my errors... !
(One time, i'll do it ! I think i'm not far from the end)

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sorry, i cant't get involved too much with all the vid lines etc, this is getting confusing :blubb: however, it seems you have got the right idea now.
if you have chosen the right pin, probably the varnish is no good.

here's a little mod i did yesterday to my mobo, because i got sick of cutting the bridges of all new cpu i want to undervolt:

i carefully enlarged one pinhole in my socket. when this pin is deactivated you get a voltage drop of -0,4V for any socket a cpu that operates at >=1,5V standard.

after this i was ready to isolate the pin with a delicate cable sleeve:

damn i isolated the wrong one...

here i chose the right pin and cut the isolation to length:

the so-prepared cpu fits into the modded socket and operates at vcore-0,4V if vcore was 1,5V (or more) initially.

when removing the cpu the tiny isolation bit sometimes likes to stay in the socket, so remove it with a needle without pushing it in. also make sure pushing it up all the way on the pin in the first place.

i think this should help as it is an almost non-destructive method (especially cpu-wise) :thumb:

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