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Intel Pentium IV

heya people
I've got a K7D Master with 2 Bartons 2500+ moded in MP (with the L5 bridge)
The bartons are severly underclocked because they're booting at 1800+
They're locked and the BIOS (lastest version) is limited to a multiplier of 12.5x
I'm trying to do the use the pin mod guide to put some wires in the socket so that I can change the multiplier
But once i've got the wires in the right holes, how can I properly insert the bartons in the socket? the wires are already filling the hole! (i've taken some wires, as thin as possible)
are my wires too thick?
there's something I don't understand ... I mean
could someone please be kind enough to tell me what exactly has to be done?

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3600 MHz @ 4200 MHz mit 1.3 Volt

well, either u look for some thinner wire or  u do the pinmod on the back of ur mainboard (somewhere in the pinmod-howto on this side there is a picture which shows u how to do this) or u connect the appropriate pins on the cpu....
nothin difficult on it at all.
Anyway pay attention that u take the right pins, losing a mainboard an possibly two cpu's would really really suck.

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