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Asrock k7vt2 Athlon 2400/ 2 x 128 pc100 sdram won't boot with 10k resistor soldered to board (connected to pin 9 and grounded to outside of  parallel port -easier than trying to solder a second wire to the chip). Works ok when resistor disconnected. Question - Should I Increase or decrease resistor value (eg maybe to 15k?) to get it to boot ok/safely - what vcore reading should I get as I increase or decrease resistance ?. When the cpu speed is set to 'auto' (ie 2000mz) the vcore runs at 1.66v so maybe an increase of .25v (to 1.91v) is too much. Maybe I should solder a 25k variable resistor as suggested (testing it with a multitester first) and then increasing resistance intil machine boots ok. I just need to know what effect does increasing or decreasing resistance have on the vcore ? should I start with 7/8k and increase or 15k and decrease the resistance ?. Maybe my use of sdram rather than DDR is causing a problem, but I can increase from 2000mz to 2100mz ok at moment just by increasing FSB to 135.

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