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AMD Barton

I have a couple of question about my new AMD burton 2800+
I am a newbie.. so really need good help about OC!!
My mobo is asus a7n8x deluxe 1.04, 2x512 mb ram 3200..
Running with fsb a 200x11 (at start up on video PC says 3200+)

What else can I do to improve cpu speed?? If I go up more than 11 PC crashes.... and 200 is maximum for my ram:

Can I work on the AMD as in your Interactive painting guide.. and if YES, HOW/WHAT to do????
Thanks for any help!!

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aus Krefeld

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Welcome on ocinside!!!

First it's important that your Powersupply is strong enough.

Then it's important that you increase your vcore al little bit.

Not to much, otherwise everything is broken. Max. I would say is 1.85V.

But beware!!! If you are increasing the vcore, the temperature of your CPU is increasing too, so you have to be sure that you have proper cooling for your system.

And yes, you can use the interactive painting guide. Maybe you can browse the english forum a little bit. I'm sure you find some useful information how to cut/connect the bridges.

Otherwise try the new interactive pin mod method. ;)

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