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18 Jahre dabei !

AMD Athlon XP
1533 MHz @ 1866 MHz
43°C mit 1.6 Volt


I don't know if it could also happen to AMD T-bred 0.13micron.
I heard that 0.13 micron is more volt sensitive than 0.18 micron and thus easier to die at high voltage than 0.18 micron.

A7V8X, AMDXP1800+T-bredA

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19 Jahre dabei !

of course, i know, that every p4 0.13micron is going down with 1.75Volt or more, after 4 weeks or so,

my p4 has the same problems, before with 1.72 V @ 2.7GHz

now with 1.42 V @ 2GHz(standard)

and no MHz more :-(

Unser T4, langer Radstand, Kastenwagen, sparsamer Diesel bis Sonntag bei ebay

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18 Jahre dabei !

Intel Pentium IV

i read an article some days ago (cant remember where), but it looks like that all processors can suffer under high voltage like the p4... better manufacturing-> less µ-> higher suffering from high voltage..
it was an high technical article...maybe i can find it again

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