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My setup is a duron 1800mhz applebred, a abit nf7-m board and a radeon 9550 se card, and 1024 corsair valueselect memory, cl2,5.

I tried to push up the proc and got it @ 2300mhz/ 170fbs at 1,6 volt. Default is 1.5 volt. Stock cooler @ 40 celsius.

It runs 3dmark 03 and the cs source stresstest without any problems, but when i try to play css the game crashes after choosing team.

My question is, do i have to add more voltage on the processor or maybe add more voltage on the chipset, this is also possible on the nf7-m. My worries are that there is no temperature shown for the chipset and i dont want to destroy my mobo.

Any tips to get the processor any higher with the fbs?

Greeting poekiex5

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AMD Phenom II
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the chipset can reach FSB 200?
if yes, it is not necessary to raise VDD
maybe its your processor who want to get 1,65V?
another possible problem could be an old, weak PSU

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AMD Barton
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However your motherboard can only support 333FSB processor. THat may be a problem. I tried OC-ing to 200, and it just freezes

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