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AMD T-Bred

hi people...
I want to know if the barton processor can be unlocked like the t-bred;
and in particular if these cpus with these m-number are unlockable.

t-bred 2400+

barton 2500+

PS i hope you can answer me as soon as possible... i have a certain necessity for this information:thumb:


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The Barton has to be unlocked.
As far as I'm informed all Athlon XP Cpus (doesn't matter if it's a Barton, Tbred, Thorton) are unlocked till the 39th week 03.
Just a few after that week are unlocked, too. The locked ones can't be unlocked anymore. You have to use the Mobilemod or clock by Fsb.

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AMD T-Bred
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Yes should be unlocked, it's a year 2002 Processors, they started superlocking in end of 2003 (as far as I can remember)

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Intel Core i7

if its locked you can unlock it by stift modifikation? (pinmod in german :P)
but it should be unlocked already!


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