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AMD T-Bred
1800 MHz @ 2250 MHz
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I have been reading interactive painting guide for AMD T-Bred and I found that there is some way to unlock the multiplier in my T-Bred. From my understending it will be enought to set/cut olny L5 bridges like in XP-M. But should I cut rest of bridges then? I'm wondering because I have NF7-S so I can set multiplier and voltage from bios. I would like to set (decrease) 10x200 to have 3000+. Now I have 13,5x133 (2200+).

Please advise.


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have a look in the workshop <---------- there on the left hand side are e few  buttons, there you will find a instruction how to change it:thumb:

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Nearly everbody can change multiplier in his BIOSor by Jumper. But if the CPU is locked, this setting will be ignored by the CPU.

Are you sure, you can change multiplier und your CPU run with setup Speed ? If so, your CPU is unlocked and you don´t need to cut/connect any bridge/ -s.

Just try setting up 10x200 (vCore will be the same) and look, it is running correct as 3000+ and 10x200.
If the CPU is locked you have to connect the last L5 bridge to set up mobileCPU.

now your bridges look like this.

o o
o o  <-- multiCPU
o o  <-- mobile

after connect

o o
o o  <-- multiCPU
o-o  <-- mobile

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