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Hi i got a Thorton 2000+  and i would like to some help to look the multiplier
I am using a old abit KT7A v1.3 bord and i have tried all multipliers and it works fine..so i am wondering if i am locking it to 15x (7.5) doesent the bios start the cpu in 7.5x (990mhz) instead off 15x(1995) what i want it to use...

Some multiplier has the word reserved writen beside them in the (Interactive painting guide v2.1 for AMD Thoroughbred and AMD Barton CPUs ) what does it mean ?

In the guide (Step by step guide how to cut and paint the AMD Athlon XP, Morgan, T-Bred,etc bridges) there are some things i am wondering about...

1. I says that (If you've scrached into the surface while cutting the bridges insulate the scratches, too.
Each scratch could be a ground !)  i am going to use a razorblade to cut between the bridges...will it work?
2. i will try to do Method 1 where the conect the bridges with a wire...
It says to use (conductive silver compound) i have a circitsworks flex conducting pen (i used it to open up the old t-bird and duron) will it work ?
3. Or can o do it like the motod 2 with my conducting penn?
It says to (Unlike the older ceramic processors the new Athlon XP CPUs have a copper plate below the bridges and
you would connect the bridges to ground if you "fill" silver compound into this lasercut)  

I will also try to unlock the 256KB of L2 cache to 512kb instead..here is info about it   http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/cpu/display/20030930171549.html
Does any one have a tips about it? i will use a razerblad i think...

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18 Jahre dabei !

AMD T-Bred
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First of all Welcome to OCInside.de !

A Thornton basically is a castrated Barton with only 256k of second level cache. you can try to reactivate the disabled or defect cache by connecting the open L2 bridges on the organic surface of the cpu. it should work with the conducting pen you mentioned.

Your issue with the multiplier.. theoretically the thornton should be able to use all multipliers from 5 up to 24. practically it depends on your motherboard if you are able to use the multiplier. you wrote that all but 15 work with your mobo. that sounds very strange to me, so let me ask: does 14 or 17 work?
it's important because if your motherboard uses a 4-bit fid for the multiplier it will only allow multipliers up to 12,5. if your motherboard provides a 5-bit fid, higher multipliers should work fine.
as far as i know the abit kt7a mobo has the via kt133a chipset so it could be possible the it interprets higher multiplier as lower ones because of a bios or chipset restriction but i'm not sure if i am right..

please tell me if you are basically able to use higher multipliers than 12,5.

i also suggest to update your bios to the latest one...

Kind Regards,

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