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Intel Core i9
3600 MHz @ 5200 MHz
78°C mit 1.552 Volt

As a rather blank slate in the gaming world so far, Fosi Audio has a very extensive amplifier segment, which is complemented by speakers and an affordable gaming headset. With the BT30D Pro in particular, the vendor potentially covers the obvious amplifier performance for PC users in terms of 2.1 speaker systems. After all, motherboard solutions integrated into computers rarely shine with audio finesse and rich performance. Additionally, the wireless connection to the home PC or laptop via Bluetooth 5 can at least provide a bit more order on the desks on the input side. Due to the suitable application field, we have tested the BT30D Pro for you.

Thanks for the support to MartinK and Fosi Audio.

Click here for the current Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Speaker Amplifier review

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