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Intel Core i9
3600 MHz @ 5200 MHz
78°C mit 1.552 Volt

Teufel (devil) stands for audio products that are probably familiar to every video game veteran. Those who used to read Gamestar or PC Games on paper remember the corresponding tests, advertisements and competitions. Against this familiar backdrop, the experienced supplier Teufel is once again targeting the gaming sector with their new Cage One headset. During a game of LoL or Fortnite, the closed earphones can be accompanied by music. We tested the headset for this combination of applications and reveal whether the Cage One is a devilishly good offer on the following pages.

Thanks for the support to MartinK & Teufel. We hope you enjoy reading the new test.

Here it goes to the current Teufel Cage One Gaming-Headset review

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