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21 Jahre dabei !

Intel Core i9
3600 MHz @ 5200 MHz
78°C mit 1.552 Volt

Crucial P1 -> Crucial P2 -> Crucial P5 -> Crucial P5 Plus -> Crucial P6, Crucial P7 or Crucial P8? No, Crucial P3 and Crucial P3 Plus :lol:

After the already tested Crucial P1 SSD, the Crucial P2 SSD, the Crucial P5 SSD and the Crucial P5 Plus SSD, there are two more M.2 NVMe SSDs from Micron. We are testing the Crucial P3 and the P3 Plus SSD with a capacity of 2000GB each. :punk:

They are fast, they are big, but they keep their cool at all times!

As always, enjoy browsing through the test report and comparing the benchmarks :coffee:

Click here for the latest Crucial P3 vs P3 Plus 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD review

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