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AMD T-Bred


I attempted the pin mod x13 to x15 on my 2100 xp T-bred B, JIUHB.

But afterwards my cpu would not boot, I removed the U - pins and the system boots fine at x13 (stock).  Is this cpu locked?  I've read many articles about unlocking 5.5 to 12.5 multipliers.  But on my K7s5a, my fsb maxes out at 147..

Is there a pin mod for this or is my only option opening or closing the L1's?


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sometimes the pins are not exactely connected by pinmod. another problem coud be a too low Voltage. maybe you increase the voltage and look whats happen.

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yes you should increase the CPU-Voltage.

:noidea: but...when you do a CMOS Clear and the CPU will start at 15x100=1500Mhz...thats possible with StandartVoltage.

When it doesn`t boot you shoult try a other like 16x and increase your Voltage please...

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yepp, like 0c4life said try to reset the cmos

the cpu should boot at 15x100 if not, u did something wrong, and the k7s5a boots fine with multi 15 (because i ve already done that mode too)

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