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22 Jahre dabei !

Intel Core i9
3600 MHz @ 5200 MHz
78°C mit 1.552 Volt

Space, endless expanses. The year is 2200, and these are the adventures of the starship Enterprise, which with its crew of 400 is on a 5-year journey to explore alien galaxies, new life and new civilizations. Many light years from Earth, the Enterprise penetrates galaxies never before seen by man :seti:

This is how it feels for many people who store their data in cloud storage on servers on the Internet, so that they have a backup in case their local hard drive breaks.

In this workshop, Itchi would like to show you on OCinside.de how to install your own VPN including remote cloud storage at your parents' or parents-in-law's place relatively easily and without much prior knowledge or cryptic Linux commands, distributions or certificates :thumb:

Here you can find the current VPN Workshop

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