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OC God
21 Jahre dabei !

4000 MHz @ 5117 MHz
52°C mit 1.560 Volt

Compressor cooling self-made!

Hello, I'm back ;)

Carved myself a compressor cooling :D

I've been playing with the idea of building a compressor cooling for a while, since I used to have a Kryotech (is in here about 15 years ago).

Today I did it, from "leftovers" ...

an old AMD Phenom II computer from the corner fetched
a 2nd empty case
an old dehumidifier for the cooling components
an old CPU water cooler and air cooler, which together (hard)soldered the

Oxyacetylene and shielding gas welder, assembler's aid, nitrogen, vacuum pump, refrigerant and a day of tinkering :)

First I cut the 2nd computer in half and welded it together with the other.
Then vacuumed the dehumidifier, disassembled refrigeration circuit,
removed the air evaporator, hard soldered a new CPU evaporator from 2 coolers, built compressor and condenser into the lower case,
Motherboard varnished (because of condensation), insulated and installed, system pressure tested, evacuated and filled.

Then first everything provisionally coupled together and am currently testing!

After about 1h operation, I currently have 0 ° C core temperature :punk::punk::punk:

It is still unregulated, only with power switch, fan only put down to try, provisionally wired, only makeshift insulation, BUT IT LIVES :clap::clap::clap:

It was inevitable ... in my tinkering cellar were 2 devices from which I could not keep my hands off :)

The main "problem" was the cold evaporator, since the dehumidifier was an "air-air" device, had a surface evaporator her, so old stocks searched and an old CPU water cooler found and a copper air cooler, which I then soldered to the evaporator.

Both soldered together (hard) and soldered connections high / low pressure.

Maybe worth mentioning on the side:
I am a heating engineer and have the cold certificate because of refrigeration circuit on heat pumps, so I am not only capable but also authorized to build something like that.

Correct handling of refrigerants is required by law and is also important for the environment!

All beginning ... Housing drilled out, a 2nd old cut and both welded together (seemed expedient because fast and holds).

I coated the motherboard on both sides (with clear varnish) to protect it from possible condensation water

Dispenser dehumidifier refrigerant extracted and disassembled

... let's see how I get that to fit ... I had no direct plan, but just "only" after work tinkered away.

Everything insulated in the best possible way to avoid condensation.

After I built the evaporator, I did a pressure test for leaks, then vacuumed and refilled the system.

... Assembly ...

First dry test run: cooler = evaporator hangs in the air.

After about 5 hours of construction time I had to test the structure, so everything somehow assembled. Fan is just standing around, insulation only makeshift, no regulation, first only via the power switch on the power strip.

First boat and gratifying, 3°C spied :punk:

Testsetup :blubb:

It's alive! :godlike:

And here's my new waterchiller project :punk:

Here you can buy the compressor cooler.

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aus Krefeld

22 Jahre dabei !

Intel Core i9
3600 MHz @ 5200 MHz
78°C mit 1.552 Volt

Well, you have chosen a cool project and built at least for short OC sessions :godlike:
Especially all the improvements and the upgrade to the Intel Core i7-4770K CPU with the MSI Z87 MPower motherboard I also like very much!
Like to see more of it :punk:

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