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AMD T-Bred
1733 MHz @ 2430 MHz
10°C mit 1.90 Volt

I have a KG7-RAID, and I haven't come close to maxing out the speed of my CPU in overclocking, how do I get the higher multipliers to work? It isn't the same as a KT7 where painting the 5th L3 bridge magicly allows high multipliers.....

I heard somebody say something about a bridge that made the multipliers go +5 when cut or painted, is that the same at just painting the 5th L3 bridge?

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Intel Core i5
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i am not really sure..

if you have a "old" AMD XP or Duron you have to change the L10

the newer T-Breds haven´t this block of multis > 12,5 i think

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u dont have to paint, u have to cut the 4th and 5th l3 bridge for example for 15 to achieve higher multis

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