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16 Jahre dabei !

Intel Core i5
3800 MHz @ 5098 MHz
60°C mit 1.44 Volt

Participate in our 18th anniversary contest up to and including 3rd January 2018

The rules of the game are simply explained ...

Fill in your complete address in the appropriate fields, select your answer and send your data with the participation button.

If you only want to participate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, or if you want to increase your chances of winning, you can additionally participate on the OCinside Facebook page, on the OCinside Twitter page and the OCinside YouTube Channel by also congratulating there until January 3, 2018 and writing how long you know OCinside.de.

  • Your address will only be used for the competition so that the prize can be sent to you.
  • The prizes are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to third parties.
  • In order to keep the odds the same for everyone, everyone is only allowed to participate in the forum once and only once on Facebook, once on Twitter and once on YouTube.
  • All products are shipped under exclusion of any warranty claims.
  • The terms and conditions are accepted by participating in the contest.
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

    The lucky winner will be randomly determined after the 3rd January 2018 from all attendees (bribery is absolutely useless :biglol:).

    Afterwards, the winner will be notified by mail as soon as possible, so please pay attention to a correct email address when registering.

    That's what we will giveaway in the 18 years ocinside contest ...

    There are great prizes to win:
    1x ASRock X99 Gaming i7 Motherboard
    1x Crucial BX300 240GB SSD
    1x Crucial MX300 275GB SSD
    1x Crucial Ballistix Sport LT grey 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM Kit
    1x Scythe Fuma Rev. B
    1x Cryorig H5 Ultimate
    1x Cryorig M9i/a
    1x Arctic P533 Racing Headset
    1x Enermax O'marine IPX8 Bluetooth 4.0 speaker
    3x PCMark 10 Advanced Edition Steam keys
    3x VRMark Advanced Edition Steam keys
    3x 3DMark Advanced Edition Steam keys

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following companies very much for their prizes:

    ASRock, Arctic, Crucial, Cryorig, Enermax, Futuremark and Scythe !

    And many thanks to all those who support OCinside.de and of course to all visitors who have remained loyal to us for so many years :)

    Good luck :thumb:

    Here's the Contest in German ;)

    Hardware News lesen * preiswert einkaufen * Unterhalten
    Übertakten, Modding und Testberichte * Fanartikel und Bausätze kaufen

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