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19 Jahre dabei !

AMD Duron
1300 MHz

How do I recognise if an Athlon XP is a Thoroughbred A, B or Palomino version? Any way I can tell?


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OC Newbie
19 Jahre dabei !

AMD Athlon XP
1780 MHz

I can say the palomino have the name on the core, it is, the little square in the center where is written "AMD Athlon, etc etc", the thoroughbreds have smaller core, so those inscriptions are written in a smaller paper glued in a side on the processor (as pentiums 3 and celerons).

Everyways give me your email if you want and i'll send you a photo where you clearly can see a thunderbird, a palomino and a thoroughbred, so you'll differenciate them perfectcly (my mail is Tassadar_21@hotmail.com)

The question of see if it's a tbred A or B is a bit more complicated, although its very easy too.
The easiest way to do it is looking at the black paper with white letters (looking the steping). the third line have the stepping, if finish in A its a tbred A, if finish in B its a tbred B.

My tbred A is:

AMD Athlon TM
AXDA1800DLT3C 9469607271922
AIUGA 0237 MPMW 1999 AMD

Ok, so in the third line you can see 'AIUGA' so its a tbred A, if it where a athlon tbred B instead of AIUGA you'll read AIUGB.

It is also possible to differenciate them with the line 'AXDA1800DLT3C', basing on the code of the voltages, but the method of the A and B at the end of the stepping is much more easy

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aus Brottewitz

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AMD T-Bred
1466 MHz @ 2250 MHz
50°C mit 1.5 Volt

further more you can see in wcpuid that the t-bred ist modell 8..
ordinary xp's ar modell 6

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