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AMD Athlon XP
1533 MHz @ 1866 MHz
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May I ask if anyone know the difference between RP and RN resisters on the mainboard?

To my understanding, RP (resister pararell) is a straigh forward configuration i.e. many resisters in pararell. The first pin on one side is connected to the first pin on the other side and so on.

What about an RN resister?

I need to understand this as I am going to mod some resisters on the mainboard.

Please help.

A7V8X, AMDXP1800+T-bredA

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aus Krefeld

21 Jahre dabei !

Intel Core i9
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A RN should be a longer resistor with only one connection row and is called network resistor.

The first and second pin is one resistor,
the third and fourth pin is the next resistor,
and so on.

o R1 o o R2 o o R3 o o Rn o ...

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