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AMD Phenom II
3000 MHz mit 1.325 Volt


I just upgraded my CPU from an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ to a AMD Phenom II 940 BE and everything is working fine as stock, but when I tried to push the multiplier to 18 or even 17 the system get unstable - well, I suppose that happens because I don't have increased the vcore first, but when I tried to increase on the BIOS, the system boots normal but nothing have increased at all. On the Setup, I have set the vcore from 1.325 to 1.450, but nothing happened, and I tried also other options like 1.425, 1.400, 1.350, but on the system sensor, still around 1.325. I tried also up the multiplier after "increase" the vcore, but also was unstable under load just like was with automatic settings (1.325v).

My motherboard is a ASUS M2N-SLI with the last BIOS. As I said, I have used a Athlon 64, and have running it for a least the last 6 years , and 4 of this 6 years in overclock. First, when I tried to overclock my Athlon, I faced the same problem - but instead the increase multiplier I increase FSB after all it is not a black edition - when I got from 2600 mhz up to 2800 mhz on that processor with stock voltage, the system get unstable, bluescreen everywhere, whatever. But, it have a difference: with the Athlon on the motherboard, it don't show a vcore value higher that 1.325, however, with the Phenom processor, it show values up to 1.550 (but does not really change anything as I said) . At the time, I searched about it and also read about many people with the same problem, and so I found the solution of pinmod for vcore. I used the tool on ocinside.de, for AM2:


The java script now don't work, I dont know if the admins deactivated this recently (when you choose the desired voltage, it show up "reserved" on all options) but at the time, I have used this, and set from 1.325 to 1.550 and handwired the pins very carefully, and worked, and I used it on the Athlon for 4 years at 3000, or even up to 3200 (unstable at 3200 on hot days).

Well, with this experience, I'm thinking that maybe this same problem is happening here, maybe my motherboard does not is capable of delivery more voltage without a pin mod, but to be honest, I don't know. And even if I'm right, I dont know if the AM2 pinmod tool work with the Phenom II, and as I said, the tool seems that does not work, just say "reserved" instead show the pins to be connected.

If someone think that can help I will be grateful. Thank you for read.

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First of all, welcome to our forums.
I'm sure we'll find an OC solution for you as well :thumb:

Let me begin with my interactive AM2 pinmod guide, which should work well on latest browsers like IE 11 and FF 30.
May be you've installed several browsers and could test another one.
The setting from 1.325 to 1.550 is possible over pin mod.

But I also think, that it should work to increase the Phenom II Vcore over the BIOS, if your BIOS offers a setting up to 1.550V.
May be you should try to disable all power saving features first in your BIOS as well as in your Windows OS.
Do you get the higher VCore in your PC Health menu of the BIOS after a reboot ?

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