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I bought the USB Ultra IR receiver v2.0, pre-programmed. I solderered it and installed the driver. Everything worked as said on the website. The shutdown button didn't seem to work but that doesn't really matter.

When I downloaded Grider, I couldn't find the 3.26 version so I downloaded version 5, I think there is where the problem starts. I'm stuck at the point where I have to enable the device, I can't find the point where to do that. I did copy the plugin and checked the checkbox somewhere in the programm and put the setting on USB.

At the startscreen of the programm is WMC with a green check, that are the settings I need. The red led does light up on a IR signal.

I'm using windows 7 and as IR defice the extender from my Harmony 900.

Ik hope you can help me!

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OK, of course you can also use another Girder version or HIP or EventGhost, but the free Girder 3.29b version is still available.
Regarding the Power on/off feature it's necessary to learn a RC5 coded signal as explained in the IR receiver howto guide, but let us start with the drivers and the program.

- first you have to install the USB Ultra IR drivers.
Did you install them and so you see the USB Ultra IR receiver device in the Device manager ?

- install Girder5 (I tested Girder 5 version, but don't start it yet (if already started, close it also in the tasktray !)

- then download the newer Plugin for Girder here and extract the plugin file to the plugins folder of Girder5 ...
e.g. in: C:\Program Files\Promixis\Girder5\plugins

- now start Girder5

- in Girder5 select File -> Settings and click to "plugins" on the left side.
Then select IgorPlug ... on the right side.

Now you're ready to learn commands from your remote control unit.
Your should program your remote to a RC5 device (e.g. Philips TV), then you can use the remote also for the power on/off function.

Good success :thumb:

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