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I was wondering if i can pin mode my amd64 x2 brisbane 5200+


should i do it like this?

i select 1.35 for original and 1.55 for desired voltage

then it tells me which pins to wire.

if i wire it, can i use my bios to lower it to like 1.40?1.45?

my bios has a feature that can change vcore from like 0.8 to 1.40 by 0.025 volt

so if i set it from the bios to 1.30v, would it be 1.50 after a pin mode?
and if i set it to 1.25 it would be 1.45??

Where do i check if it is changed? can i check those vcore in cpuz program?

Sorry for the many noob questions :(



okay so i did try the pin mod as the picture of this link shows


at 1.350 and 1.550 for the voltages.

i boot up my comp, and in bios, in auto voltage setting or even at 1.350 v setting, it shows that my voltage is at 1.080

and when i increased it to 1.400V on setting, it will display as 1.100 V

I checked it with cpuz,and it says the same thing

so i opened it. to see if i did it wrong, but it is exactly the same?

what is wrong with it? is it becuz it is brisbane not windsor?

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actually no matter waht i set on the bios as my voltage

my bios reads it at 1.080V
and cpuz reads it at ~1.104V

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First of all, it's not possible to lower the voltage with the current pinmod guide version 1.0
So there have to be a wrong connection to a VDD pin instead of the VSS pin used in the pinmod guide.
Please check them once again and count the connected socket am2 pins several times.

It's not very easy to understand which voltage you get with a combination of BIOS modification + Pinmod + original CPU VID pins.
So I would suggest that you do don't combinate these VID changes.

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