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I bought and built USB Ultra Infrared receiver and it works just fine with other computers, but not with mine which has Asus P4P800S-X motherboard in it. Windows XP reports only an "unknown device". I have all necessary drivers installed. I tried also with linux but it didn't work there either...


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Please try it once again with a conventional USB hub, may be it's e.g. not compatible with the selected USB mode or there's a problem with the BIOS and this device.

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I'd also gotten an "Unknown Device" on my XP-based Shuttle XPC system; I later found out I'd missed a solder bridge between the 1.5K resistor and the +5V line.  You might want to double-check all your connections, and if possible, test it on another system, preferably one with Vista (when I tried it on my Vista box with the missing connection it just didn't recognize anything connected at all).

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