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16 Jahre dabei !

AMD Barton
1916 MHz @ 2000 MHz
50°C mit 1.65 Volt

I have this system, and I would like to make a OC, can someone show-me the right way, thx!:thumb:
Barton 2600+ 1916mhz
AXDA 2600DKV4D 1089196A40293
AQEA 0403WPMW                 1999
MB K7N2 Delta L (Nforce2 ultra 400)
1GB Ram 512x2 DDR400

I have tried OC with  pin-mod, but nothing:noidea:, I tried run with 200hzFSB(400mhz) and 12x clock,how can I run with this OC?

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OC God
16 Jahre dabei !

AMD Opteron
1800 MHz @ 2500 MHz
35°C mit 1.39 Volt

welcome to ocinside :ocinside:

It depends on your cooling system.

You have to know that you demand more than your cpu could achieve,

so you have to accommodate your CPU with more v-core (CPU voltage)

But be careful Your CPU temperatures rise if you set a higher V-Core

Before you do OC you have to download some programs:

- A program, in which you can see your CPU and system temperatures.
 (motherboard monitor)
- A program, which tests your sytem, if it works stable with the new         settings.
 (Prime 95)

Then (if your temps are acceptable with the standard v-core (1,65)
in the range of 40-45° after playing an ambitious game) you cabn try to set an Fsb of 200 and a multiplier of 11,5.

This would mean 2300 mhz.

But it's implausible that your system will run system will run stable eith this settings without rising the V- core.

So you have to try with v-Core of 1,7 if its stable (use prime 95 to test)

or with 1,75 try rising the v-core until the system is stable or the temps are too high (about 55°).

I think you can't change the multiplier.:noidea:

If you cab it would be better to start with 200 x 10,5 :thumb:

Try it. Your mainboard and your Ram should deal with 200 mhz FSB

Good luck ;)

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