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AMD Duron
1800 MHz mit 1.5 Volt

my name is dido, and am from Bulgaria somewhere in Europe.
i have a simple question about overclocking with pin mode.
I have duron applebred 1800, with ecs k7s5a mobo, with this mobo cant overclock my cpu very well, because i cant change voltage nor multiplier. My cpu is with lock multiplier, at the moment it is with 13.5, but i want to make it 15 or 16.
It has 5 bridges on l3, at the moment they are (:C:C:) to make multiplier 15 they might look like (::CCC). After i thresh out the interactive pin mode.
i ask myself, if i wires the exact pins, should i cut all l3 bridges, or only l3[3], or i dont need to cut anything:noidea:
I am afraid of that if i dont cut them i might put my cpu's l3 (:CCCC) which is 3x. that is my question.

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Other CPU-Type

you neednt to cut anything
first unlock your cpu (close all L1-bridges)
and then use the pin mod to change to multi 15....

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AMD Phenom II
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[...]My cpu is with lock multiplier[...]
If I'm getting it correctly your CPU is Multilocked. This means you can only change the multiplier by doing a mobile-mod. This means that make a mobile CPU out of your Applebred. After this you can set the multiplier by Software.

But remember:
This mod mod does not work on Nforce Mobos, but on the k7s5a it will work.

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AMD Ryzen 7
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but remember you must handle it very safely when you work on your cpu espiaciaklly the bridges! one mistake an you can put your duron on the desk as a souvenir!
at first you can buy a new mobo with a nforce 2 chipset which offers 200mhz fsb. i dont know your chipset and the maximum fsb which you can set but i think 200mhz woeld be never reached with this.
i say that because its better for your system performance to overclock with the fsb and you mustn't cut bridges on your cpu at first.

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Intel Core i5
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I completely agree with you, mate. I had that same CPU until a week
ago. The Duron 1800 is completely "multiplier locked". There's no (easy) way you can change that. It will always be 13.5.
The only (easy) way to overclock Duron 1800 is by pulling up your system's FSB.
Your mainboard will have to support this feature.

Default is 13,5 x 133  = 1800 MHz.

If you get yourself a mainboard able to reach 166 FSB, you should be
able to hit 13.5 x 166 = 2241 MHz.

If you get yourself a board with max. FSB 200, you can try to
increase your FSB from 166 to 200 in very small steps, until you
find your CPU's limit.
Depending on the stepping you got, a maximum speed of 2300 or 2400 may be possible.

But trust me, the best way of overclocking modern Durons is not
by cutting bridges, but by raising FSB on your board.

Intel i5 2500K @ 4400 (44x100 MHz) auf ASrock P67 Pro3

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AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
1900 MHz @ 2280 MHz
45°C mit 1.125 Volt

if you do the mobile-mod on this cpu it will reset to max-multi 11 and run even slower (software can set muti 3-11 then)

you can download oc-bios for your board (honey-x or cheepoman) to get moderate oc (fsb 143 or 147 should be stable enough) and will give you almost 2ghz.

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