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I have a Mobile Athlon XP-M 2500+ (Barton), running at 11 x 166MHz for ~1822MHz (I think its default is supposed to be 14 x 133MHz for ~1860MHz, which would be fine too).  My motherboard is an ASUS A7V600, which at default sets a VCore of 1.664V, and has no manual settings even close to what it's supposed to be at (which is 1.45V).

I assumed modifying my motherboard was the solution, and I've found a few very complex and incomplete threads about this, but haven't attempted any of them.  Then I came across this site, which is pretty damn cool.  Am I to understand I can just leave my motherboard at default VCore and "paint" my CPU to achieve 1.45V?  If so, why isn't it painted this way out of the factory?  

The interactive tool on this site says, "And if you like to get another default mobile Vcore, you need to paint the L8 bridges instead of the L11 bridges."  What does that mean exactly?  Isn't L8 only one bridge?

If it is possible to get the 1.45V I want with this motherboard, could someone verify which bridges I need to cut or connect (I'd prefer to leave my multiplier and FSB ones alone if possible).

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You don´t have to cut anything because you already have a Mobile Prozessor;)which is unlocked and wich has a default vcore 1.5v
all you have to do is, damp you asus (asus sucks) an get for 50€ a NF7 2.0 Ultra there you can adjust everything you´ll need and also drive some FSB´s far from 200MHz
and AGP and PCI can be fixed as well :thumb:

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