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AMD Athlon XP

that's what i got using the interactive AMD SocketA Rating and product ID (OPN) guide.

Athlon XP (Barton) Desktop Processor (Model 10) 1917 MHz
OPGA Organic Pin Grid Array 1.65 Volt max. Temp. 85°C
512 KB L2 Cache 333 MHz Systembus (166 MHz FSB) x 11.5

axda2600dkv4d    f368203920856  

Jluhb 0412MPM

what it mean?..a superlockedbarton?  

my two bartons 2600  r running (L5mod) on my asus a7m266-d.... but at 1533mhz. i tried increase the multiplier with the pin-mod pcb method but nothing happened.... what i need to do to see they at 2.0ghz + ( changing my mb?  ;)
i was reading regarding things about the processors multilockeds. how can i know if mine is one of them? I bought they this week.
how can i see the production week of my bartons?
the 0412 mean : 2004 12th week?..

after i scratched the l5 bridge one of my bartons sometimes
change the clock to 1000mhz...n then i reboot n it come back to 1533...why ?

a7m266-d - 1011 beta bios.
2xkingston 512 400

...sorry about posting here..but i really need help....unhappyly I don't know anything about german...i'm from brazil n here we speak portuguese...sorry ! thx a lot!! :thumb:

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AMD Ryzen 7
3900 MHz @ 4400 MHz
62°C mit 1.35 Volt

all processors before 0339 are unlocked. your processor is from 0412.that means for you( and your processor) that you can't switch the multiplier. what for a chipset is your Mb using?? i don't know but i thibk it's a Via KT266. when i'm right you have to look for a new MB with a Kt600 or a Nvidia Nforce2 Ultra 400 chipset.
then you can set your FSB to 166MHZ(333MHZ DDR) or 200MHZ(400MHZ DDR).

edit: i have read your text again and then i've seen your FSB is set to 133 MHZ because 11,5x133=1533MHZ
with ah new MB you can set your standard FSB to 166MHZ and then you have your standard MHZ because 11.5x166=1909MHZ!!:thumb:

sorry for my bad english;)

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Intel Core i5
3500 MHz @ 4000 MHz
40°C mit 1.10 Volt

better move this to our englisch-forum

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