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Guys, since I discover a bug in mainboard, that crash down the FSB to 33MHz, then it making that mobo ideal to do some very slow runs :D

Now the weakest CPU I managed to source is a Duron 750. That is 100 x 7.5.
When it is 33 x 7.5 ( 248 - 262MHz ), then it is still too "fast" (SuperPi 32M 8h).

So I looked at how can I lower the "high" x7.5 multiplier. The solution looks obvious: connect all the four L1 bridges to get multiplier unlocked Duron. So I did that today with conductive paint by this guide.

I was sucesfull I think, because on JetWay V266B mainboard I managed it to work well. (there are 5 switches that allow me to change the multiplier from x5 to x12.5) running at default, at x5, at x5.5 (with FSB 133) and x6...  (x8 the CPU did not make, quite poor overclocker (!) but whatever)

Then I moved to the target board (MSI 6340) and after inserting the CPU, there is nothing new in bios - eg. no multiplier select table, nothing like that at all. Suxx!

Yet I was ready for this eventuality and with the unlocked multi I wanted to force the multiplier down to x5 by wires from the bottom side of the CPU around the pins, by this guide.

And that is, where I hit the wall. The MSI 6340 refuse to post and it make me wonder, if the multipliers are any different between the Duron and the awailable settings for CPU's - AMD T-Bred, AMD Barton and AMD Athlon XP.
I think not (there is no way or reason why they should be any different and even the interactive pin guide show no sign of and change between the CPU's as far, as the multipliers go) but the MSI 6340 is not posting now. Not a beep, just fans on, but that it is.

Anyone have clue about what is going on? I go to check the wires under the CPU and if they are fine... then perhaps test with the JetWay V266B, if there the enforced x5 multi will work...
Ideas welcomed.

Or the KT133 cannot work with x5 multiplier? :confused:

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