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-- Veröffentlicht durch Radu am 15:08 am 17. März 2004

How did youexactly unlock the morgan 1300 ?
I tried Pinmod for Plaomino and it was unsuccesful , Do I really have to connect and cut bridges ? Is there a pin mod becaouse I preffer to use a pin mod rather than connecting bridges.

Any hint please ?

-- Veröffentlicht durch Bliemsr am 12:09 am 11. Dez. 2003

:lol:  Dude, if SoF-2 works.... why the heck bother about some dorky
benchmark programs?

I mean, do you REALLLY need Prime 95? If my PC was running
stable with Sof-2, I wouldn't care about other programs.
I guess that if your computer runs stable with SOF-2, it will be able to
handle all other applications without a glitch.

-- Veröffentlicht durch NWD am 21:19 am 8. April 2003

hehe i said..

the kt333 & kt400 chipset based boards are somtimes a little bit strange ..

like mine, i cant run at more than 175mhz even with +0,3V and slowest settings ( pc-333 cl2,5 infineon )

but it works so who cares.. :wink:

-- Veröffentlicht durch Trooper am 16:31 am 8. April 2003

actually it looks like the new bios did improve some stuff after all. i managed to boot up in 166*7 but then i was getting lots of bsods with 'page fault in nonpaged area' messages. that looked to me like ram problem so i added 0.3v to ram and now i've been running at 8.5*166 all night and i had no problems, i played sof2 for over an hour and it was fine but prime95 still crashes after 20 or so minutes. looks like it was rams fault all along. now im considering if i should buy some better ram (infineon, kingston, etc...)?

-- Veröffentlicht durch Trooper am 18:33 am 7. April 2003

today they released a new bios so i flashed the mobo but still the same shit... atm im writing this at 6*166, but that means the cpu is underclocked... bloody hell...

-- Veröffentlicht durch NWD am 16:17 am 7. April 2003

thats damn strange ..

i have no idea..

u have the newest bios ?

-- Veröffentlicht durch Trooper am 16:08 am 7. April 2003

but ram was always working at 166mhz, even when the cpu was locked the board was running in async mode (100/166)? ram is pretty cheap stuff from samsung, you think i should try something better? as for access time ill have to look that up...

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-- Veröffentlicht durch NWD am 18:48 am 6. April 2003

mmh the KT400 is definitely able to run at 166mhz but maybe there are worng settings with the ram

set it to the slowest settings you can .. then try again..

or check out for a newer BIOS..

and what is it for a RAM ? infineon ect. and maybe tell me the access time ( ns, it should be at least 6 nanoseconds )

my last DDR-333 was only 7,5 ns so it was impossible to run at 166

-- Veröffentlicht durch Trooper am 17:46 am 5. April 2003

atm it's working at 10*140 stable, ram timings were at spd and ram should've worked unless there is something im missing here.

-- Veröffentlicht durch NWD am 13:27 am 5. April 2003

strange i got my Duron 1G @ 1,35 G with a 175 FSB on a MSI KT3 Ultra rev1 and with 512MB Infineon

and 6 x 166 is only 1G so it should work..

but 6x 100 and 6x133 works, eh?

tell me your RAM - Timings please, maybe they are wrong..

-- Veröffentlicht durch Trooper am 2:09 am 5. April 2003

Sometime ago I asked about unlocking my morgan 1300 and now I finally did it so thanks to all that advised me :)

but now I'm discovering that I cannot run it at 166MHz fsb, windows won't boot (bsod or freeze), if I lower the fsb computer gets stable again. Multiplier was at 6 through all these different fsbs.

So im wondering if anyone is running their morgan at 166MHz fsb?


oh yeah: the motherboard is epox8k9a, ram is ddr333

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