Barton 2900 Max FSB 223 or ram to slow??

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--- Barton 2900 Max FSB 223 or ram to slow??

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-- Veröffentlicht durch Tomalla am 7:50 am 18. Jan. 2006

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- Tomalla -

-- Veröffentlicht durch Beomaster am 7:10 am 18. Jan. 2006

I think its better to run RAM with the speed of FSB, would give you more performance as if you have a overclocked CPU but your RAM runs a bit slower

-- Veröffentlicht durch nmwis70 am 1:50 am 18. Jan. 2006

More information:

If I set my ramspeed to 166 and my fsb to 200 in the bios and load into windows, I am able to increase my fsb via software in windows to over 230 and operate it stabily.

-- Veröffentlicht durch nmwis70 am 1:14 am 18. Jan. 2006

I can get my ram speed to 200 mhz with my FSB at 200.

When my FSB is 223 I cannot get my RAM speed past 148.

My ram latency appears to have no affect.

I'm lost?

-- Veröffentlicht durch nmwis70 am 0:50 am 18. Jan. 2006

I think I am using 5-2-2-2.5

Let me try to raise that to see if I can get higher.

-- Veröffentlicht durch Beomaster am 0:32 am 18. Jan. 2006

running your RAM slower as your FSB will cost you extreme much Performance, so try to raise RAMspeed
slow down your Barton and check out what your RAM can do
set FSB to 133 and RAM synchronous to it even with 133MHz and now raise it until its unstable
you just know that 148MHz is possible, do you have raised the timings to help your RAM to reach higher frequencies
and what is possible? well here my old Barton 2500+ stock 11x166 with Corsair DDR400 RAM (maybe you should buy DDR400 RAM, even with stock speed, raise from PC2100 to PC3200 will give you a lot of performance)

-- Veröffentlicht durch nmwis70 am 0:20 am 18. Jan. 2006

I've overclocked by Barton 2900 with a stock bus of 200 Mhz to 223 Mhz. I'm currently running PC2100 ram which is by default 133 mhz but is now clocked up to 148 because of the FSB overclock. I raised my vcore on the processor from the stock 1.675 up to 1.85 and I've notice a big improvement in how high my FSB is able to go.

But when I try to go to 225 Mhz, (I dont have a 224 option), my computer can't do it and won't even post. I feel like the problem is the RAM speed and that it is maxed out. I think I should be able to get CPU a little higher.

Do you think my RAM speeds are too low to be overclocked any higher or is that the maximum FSB for a Barton? PC Forum
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