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Review of postings for 3000+ Venice pin mod... (the latest posts first)
FeNiX23 Erstellt: 23:30 am 7. Feb. 2007
I tried all the voltages available in bios and there is no way to get more I think  But anyway I just ordered an Opteron 165 so I'll overclock this processer instead, I't may help my 8800GTS, lol. Thanks for your help.
Beomaster Erstellt: 6:48 am 7. Feb. 2007
and you cant add even more in Bios after the mod?
FeNiX23 Erstellt: 3:40 am 7. Feb. 2007
Maybe but when I put 1.55volt in bios, it's at 1.55volt and not more ( I have an 1.35volt cpu )
Beomaster Erstellt: 6:50 am 6. Feb. 2007
If your CPU is a 1,35V model, maybe you can reach with the 1,55V Mod 1,65V in Bios
FeNiX23 Erstellt: 2:59 am 6. Feb. 2007
Well with my motherboard I can already reach 1.55volts... I run it at 1.55volts for a moment now... but I though that with this pin mod I would get like 1.7 volts...
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Beomaster Erstellt: 0:10 am 6. Feb. 2007
maybe Pinmod will not work with the undefiened VCore, you have only the chance to check out if its possible with original VCore 1,35V 1,375V and 1,40V
but remember, with 1,40 and 1,375V you can reach only 1,45V
if you have luck and your undefiened VCore is 1,35V you can go up to 1,55V
FeNiX23 Erstellt: 23:54 am 5. Feb. 2007
Yeah it's a "A" and I did the 1.4volt pin mod and the 1.35 volt pin mod and in each cases I can't combine pin mod and bios vcore because there's no gain in voltage by doing that ( ex : 1.35 volt = 1.55volt    ,   1.4 volts = 1.4 volts  1.55 volts = 1.55 volts ... )
Beomaster Erstellt: 22:57 am 5. Feb. 2007
first you have to know whats the original VCore of your CPU
normally its 1,4V, seldom 1,35V
the problem on 1,4V CPUs that their ID says VCore=variable DAA4BW
if there is anything else than an "A" you're lucky to say via Pinmod wich is the new VCore of your CPU, if you have an "A" it would be tricky
FeNiX23 Erstellt: 22:45 am 5. Feb. 2007
Well when I put 1.35 volt in bios, it shows a 1.55 volt Vcore, but when I choose 1.4 , 1.45 or 1.5 Vots in bios , it shows the actual vcore ( 1.4, 1,45, 1.5 ) so I don't know what to do
Beomaster Erstellt: 22:13 am 5. Feb. 2007
I would guess with Pinmod for 1,55V you are maybe able to push your CPU to 1,65V in Bios.
And I belive 1,65V have to be enough, 1,8V are suicide.