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Review of postings for Pin Mod in Athlon XP 2800+ (the latest posts first)
Beomaster Erstellt: 18:09 am 28. Juli 2006
? I dont know your problem, your Computer will start with multi 11, only if you want to get a lower multi you have to use cpu-msr
gugaz Erstellt: 6:09 am 28. Juli 2006
Yes... but in Bios and not in Software :/

Beomaster Erstellt: 19:24 am 27. Juli 2006
with mobile mod, it will be 11
thats what you want, dont you?
gugaz Erstellt: 6:19 am 27. Juli 2006
My friend... tank you for support!

I don't want set my multi for Software, i want set for Bios... but, i'ts impossible!

Bye, and tank you again!
Beomaster Erstellt: 22:37 am 26. Juli 2006
with mobile mod, normally you will get multi 11, you can lower it with cpu-msr
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gugaz Erstellt: 18:09 am 26. Juli 2006
Whit 1,65V / 12,5 x 188 my temperature is 53° C full .

Later i will set FSB to 193 and vcore to 1,7V.

So... in Mobile Mod, I will set multi whit Software or in Bios?

Tank you !

Beomaster Erstellt: 17:49 am 26. Juli 2006
if the temperature is always below 55°C there will be no danger, even if you raise voltage to 1,75V
gugaz Erstellt: 17:32 am 26. Juli 2006
Tank you... I understand!

So... in Mobile Mod, I will set multi whit Software or in Bios?

I use the PC + - 18 hours for day. I use 12.5 x 188 ... and if I set my Vcore to 1,7 ( for me up the FSB )

There is risk? Remember, i use + - 18 hours for day!

Tank you...


(Geändert von gugaz um 17:37 am Juli 26, 2006)
Beomaster Erstellt: 17:18 am 26. Juli 2006
so, Pinmod will only work for Set FSB (only 200 available) or processor voltage (only 1,85V available)
if you want multi 11, you have to do Mobile Mod, but remember that this won't work on nf2 chipset
gugaz Erstellt: 8:08 am 26. Juli 2006
"If it is locked or unlocked you can verify looking at your processor code (the second row under your stepping code)
I.e. AQXFA 0343 RPMW.The numbers are your production year and week.
0343 would be Year 2003 in the 43rd week.
Every CPU produced after this date is locked and you can only overclock it via the FSB."

This is my steeping code:

AXDA2800KV4D ...

Unhappy, my processor is locked! 02 week, Year 2004