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Review of postings for watercooler (the latest posts first)
Hitman Erstellt: 22:31 am 6. April 2004
You can make -2° Celsius with a Peltier-Element. It is a small thing with a strenght of 12-24V and 6-10A.

One side will be very hot, and the other side will be cool. The problem at this solutions is: They produce a lot of energy in form of heat at the hot side. Maybe you can cool this side with a watercooler. Then you are able to go to 2° till -2°. But remember. You have to isolate the peltier because it will produce condensation water.

Maybe you can reduce the power of the peltier with a mod at your power supply. So you can have 10° and no condensation. This temp will be stable and be enough to overclock.

Under this temp is only the vapo, but very expensive.

The other way is a watercooler which runs at 25-40° if it is good. But there are two ways of them, the self-built and the buyed one.
skater Erstellt: 16:43 am 5. März 2004
of course, this is not possible :lol: - not with a watercooler

there are some tricks, to cool down the water @ 10°C or 5°C (for example with a "beercooler" or the radiator in a refrigerator)

but then you have to isolate the waterpipes very well....
condensation is a very big problem in a PC... (exept your components can swim :lol:)

so it's better to buy a vapochill.... -20°C and verx expensive :lol:

fossi Erstellt: 8:51 am 23. Feb. 2004
I wouldn`t take a real fridge from the waste. When you destroy it and breath in the air out of it you may die:dead:

When you want such a thing you have to buy it!

-->Very loud and expensive.:thumb:
hallo Erstellt: 23:44 am 21. Feb. 2004

Zitat von GhettoRapper am 21:20 am Feb. 21, 2004


Zitat von GhettoRapper am 21:20 am Feb. 21, 2004



Zitat von GhettoRapper am 21:20 am Feb. 21, 2004


GhettoRapper Erstellt: 21:20 am 21. Feb. 2004
ou sorry, my english is not the best :lol:

it is possible to cool a cpu of about -50°c...

it´s easy, you take a kompressor from a
"kühlschrank" = the thing what stay in a kitchen too cool food *g*
und put the cooling chanels into the water.
water is not good, so you should take spiritus or wodka *g*

und put a eye an the isolierung.
without the "isolierung" :noidea:
the kondenswater comes into your case and destroy all your PC

sorry i know that my english is not the best :lol:
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Flyinn Erstellt: 15:53 am 11. Jan. 2004
Hihi -2C° with Watercooling:blubb::noidea:.
Best u buy a Vapo.
CyberdyneInc Erstellt: 10:44 am 11. Jan. 2004
its not pissible to cool a cpu to -2° with a water-cooler!
You need to cool is with a compressor like every fridge has :thumb:
THO Erstellt: 10:57 am 10. Jan. 2004
hell anyone
i have a question
watercooler for cpu to decrease temp to -2C
would anyone show me