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Review of postings for problem with changing cpu ratio on epox 8k7a motherboard (the latest posts first)
NWD Erstellt: 15:31 am 16. Juli 2003
close all L! - Bridges thats it!

after this the jumpers can set the multiplier ..
Daniel84 Erstellt: 17:35 am 14. Juli 2003
I did nothing with CPU. I just change the switch position. I thaught that was enough. But as I  told you that was the first time I've ever try to overclock CPU.
Is CPU locked??
How can I unlock it then??
Daniel (Poland)
Spacefish Erstellt: 12:34 am 12. Juli 2003
LOL@Richard, I know the name of the mainboard, because I'm NOT blind.
But I don't know the mainboard's specifications. That's what I meant.

(Geändert von Spacefish um 12:34 am Juli 12, 2003)
ocinside Erstellt: 2:01 am 12. Juli 2003
Did you close the five L1 bridges before you've increased the multiplier by your mainboard ?
osap Erstellt: 21:34 am 11. Juli 2003

8K7A , für die dies bisher noch nicht gerafft haben...
klappt das mit dem unlocken eigentlich auch beim 1600 er ? hat bei meinem xp2100 prima gefunzt...
( also letzte L3 bruecke schliessen ?)

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Richard Erstellt: 20:13 am 11. Juli 2003
So Spacefish u have to  luck at do on the Tltle and u gona see will the Mainboard do name OK?
Spacefish Erstellt: 17:45 am 11. Juli 2003
Sorry,  I don#t know Your mainboard, so I can't help.
I would recommend to shift this topic to the English board.
And that ist also the board You should post new questions, because You can be helped better. Usually English and not German speaking users don't even look into any other board, so they can't help You.
ocolli Erstellt: 12:39 am 11. Juli 2003
ach du sch****e... :red: :red: :red: erdboden tu dich auf
kammerjaeger Erstellt: 12:11 am 11. Juli 2003
I didn´t have any problems using the switch.
Maybe you should increase Vcore (JP2) + 0,1V or 0,2V.

But it is better, to increase FSB to 143...

@ ocolli

Steht im Topic-Titel...

(Geändert von kammerjaeger um 12:12 am Juli 11, 2003)
ocolli Erstellt: 11:42 am 11. Juli 2003
Hi Daniel!

if you don't let us know what Mainboard you have it is
very difficult to help.