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Review of postings for OC Athlon 1700+ (the latest posts first)
newatioc Erstellt: 21:51 am 21. März 2010
You have to change not only the FSB. Many CPUs need more voltage to overclock them. I don't know which options your mainboard has.
And as a fact, if you rise up with the FSB, the RAM-frequency will rise, too.
stca Erstellt: 21:32 am 19. März 2010
Thank you very much to you, but I still have some doubts.

I just go up the FSB from the motherboard? I do not need to upload anything else?
No need to jumping anything on the socket?

I got another more powerful microprocessor (not much more powerful).
These are the details:
Athlon XP (Barton) Desktop Processor (Model 10) 1667 MHz
OPGA Organic Pin Grid Array 1.60 Volt max. Temp. 90°C
256 KB L2 Cache 266 MHz Systembus (133 MHz FSB) x 12.5

This is the bios where you can modify the microprocessor. (got on the web because my FSB is 133)

You tell me how I go a bit microprocessor?
kammerjaeger Erstellt: 23:44 am 15. März 2010
You can´t change FSB by pin-mod, you´ll have to change it by bios.
2600MHz or more is really enthusiastic, i think 2300-2500 is more realistic, if you´ve got a good CPU.
stca Erstellt: 22:01 am 15. März 2010
hi, I have a AthlonXP 1700+ , I want go up the mhz to 2600 or more.
I put de information in and tell me the FSB, the reals MHz and jumper in the socket but I not know where I hace put the mhz to I have to go.
Or I put this jumper in my motherboard and ready?
Sorry for my bad english.

My micro:
Athlon XP (Barton) Desktop Processor (Model 10) 1467 MHz
OPGA Organic Pin Grid Array 1.50 Volt max. Temp. 90°C
256 KB L2 Cache 266 MHz Systembus (133 MHz FSB) x 11
My Motherboard:
MSI Kt4v