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Review of postings for Pin mod Barton into a MP (the latest posts first)
RadaGast Erstellt: 10:15 am 28. Dez. 2004
Because im using a Asus A7M266-D with two Bartons.
RadaGast Erstellt: 10:11 am 28. Dez. 2004
hmm damn well i guess i just have to go with what i got.

Another thing is, that im right now trying to mod the volt. But if i connet anything then it just use 1.85v. I wanted to go with 1.75.

I am using your guide, but it doesnt seem to work?? I guess some Bartons are just difficult?
ocinside Erstellt: 10:07 am 28. Dez. 2004
No, I'm very sorry, but it seems that this is not possible or in other words I still didn't found any Pin for the L5 Mod :ohwell:
RadaGast Erstellt: 10:02 am 28. Dez. 2004
I am trying to get a dual barton system up running, but the motherboard wont se my modded bartons as MP...Well yea it sees it as not able to run in MP mode.

I was thinking if it was possible to pin mod it under the processor insted of modding the L5 bridge??