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AMD Athlon XP
1533 MHz @ 1701 MHz
49°C mit 1.8 Volt

Zitat von Beomaster am 19:33 am Aug. 22, 2003
do you mean this?
i need 40 seconds to found it in the web, i don't know the english word, but in germany we call this "Suchmaschine" (foundet by google.de, searchstring: Circuit Works Silver Conductive Grease)

In "Europe" ,Beomaster.

thanks to corallus for the firm =)

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AMD Phenom II
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i was not sure about the size of Europe :lol: but obviously corallus was faster then me, i didn't recognize that he has postet 2 minutes before me

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OC Newbie
19 Jahre dabei !

AMD Athlon XP


I have the same motherboard as you do. I have two Athlon XP Palominos same as you.

Right now I'm running FSB og 100 :(
I have to keep the CPU speed down otherwise they use too much power and then my machine reboots (my powersupply is too small.)

I want to run at FSB 133 or maybe 166 if possible.

On this site i found this brilliant guide/grpahics for how to set my multiplier manually.


It uses a wire around the underside of some selected pins. Much easier than messing around with conductive paint. I cannot wait to try it out at home!

I will first try with the 5xFSB multiplier and then slowly increase my FSB in bios, until i get crashes or reboots. then hopefully I'll be running at 5x166 = 830 mhz. When that works, I'll try to up the multiplier. Remember FSB is more important than multiplier, since it affects everything and multiplier only affects the CPU

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@Iznobad yes, it's more than easy with the Pin-Mod guide :)
But don't forget to connect the five L1 bridges first, if they aren't already connected yet.

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