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I think I understand that connecting pins is just like connecting bridges.  However, how do I disconnect pins (insteading of cutting bridges)?

Also, can I change Vcore this way?

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the bridge has a mor or less direct connection to a pin

disconnecting a pin is very difficult..

i have seen a very dangerous method, you can open your Socket and remove the "pins" in the socket..

but this is an permanent method and you can easily damage your mainboard ..

i would  Disconnect per Bridges and Connect via Pins

for cutting just take a very sharp knife or an scalpell

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For the Pin-Mod guide it's not necessary to disconnect any pin when you set your the multiplier control in your BIOS to AUTODETECT.
If you don't have something like this in your BIOS, there's no need to do so ;)

The state of LOW or HIGH is done when you connect the Pin to VSS or VCC, this is what my interactive Pin-Mod guide do, so there's no need to cut anything :thumb:

Oh and Vcore Mod ... hmmm don't like to say too much, yet ;););)

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