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20 Jahre dabei !

Intel Core i9
3600 MHz @ 5200 MHz
78°C mit 1.552 Volt

It sounds that there's something wrong.
May be a BIOS update will help, did you already update to the latest BIOS version ?
Otherwise you could try to install a fresh Windows on another hard disk and test if this is working.

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6 Jahre dabei !

Bios is update.
I've try to downgraded two times (2.8v and 2.7v), no success.
This is a clean install on another hd!

I've update driver for my usb audio card( scarlett 2i2) and I've noticed crackling on sound, so I've investigated and I've sadly discovered what cpu throttling means.
With full cpu load there's no crackling.
I've contacted audio card driver developer but it is my fault.
I've tested audio card on another pc...no crackling :(

Where I can found AM2 socket pinout details ?
I've another Athlon64 X 2 to use but has  a broken pin and I'm too lazy to change it!

Thank you for your time.

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