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-- Veröffentlicht durch ocinside am 16:51 am 19. Sep. 2003

@SmerkO Yes, this is correct.

-- Veröffentlicht durch SmerkO am 16:42 am 19. Sep. 2003

so i understand that if my chip runs at 1.75v (palomino) that means i can only select 1.85v if i dont wish to cut the l11 bridges?

-- Veröffentlicht durch ocinside am 5:55 am 18. Aug. 2003

Yes, this is right, but remember that if you like to get for example 1,625 Volt, it's not possible without cutting the right L11 bridge... and so on ...
Or just cut all L11 bridges and then select each Vcore by all five pin-connections ;)

-- Veröffentlicht durch hatimh am 23:30 am 17. Aug. 2003

Thank you for your kind response. It was bit selfish of me to come to this german forum and ask a question in English.

I had a bit of a problem understanding ur response but I think I understood you in the end.

Let's say I want 1.65v, I set the interactive guide for 1.6v and then 1.65v and look at the differences. The difference as you mentioned is just one extra joining of 2 pins.

Thanks :)

-- Veröffentlicht durch Beomaster am 18:10 am 17. Aug. 2003

My English is not so very good to understand your whole question, but i can say, if you don't cut the L11 bridges the selectable voltages are limited, in the way that in your mind you have to add the connected pins on the socket on the modding. So if you have 1,6V on the bridges, you can select 1,65V 1,8V and 1,85V because of the connections for 1,6V. (look at the interactive pinmod, switch the voltages and look whats happen to the combinations). BVut this also means that for 1,65 and 1,8V you need only to connect 1 pair of pins and for 1,85V only 2 pairs of pins, because the other connections you have to add in your mind, if you doesn't cut the L11 bridges

edit: I belive cutting all L11 Bridges will cause 1,45V, but i'm not sure

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-- Veröffentlicht durch hatimh am 15:07 am 17. Aug. 2003

In the new interactive pin mod guide it says:

"otherwise you're just able to build a higher Vcore depending to the actual L11 bridge
and Pin-Mod combinations."

What does the above statement mean or what is it trying to say exactly. The way I understood it is that by cutting the L11 bridges you reset the voltage to 0v and then by doing the mod you add 1.7v (if that's what you selected) so if I don't cut the L11 bridges then it will add 1.7v to the existing 1.6v (default). so total 3.3 v Vcore and my chip will fry.

If I have understood it correctly, then is their a way to add 0.1 v to the existing VCore with a pin mod? i.e. I have my 1700+ and I want to increase the VCore to 1.7 v is that possible without cutting the L11 bridges.

Many Thanks. PC Forum
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