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Ein Ausdruck des Beitrags mit 5 Antworten ergibt bei 3 Antworten pro Seite ca. 2 DIN A4 Seiten. Das entspricht bei 80 g/m² ca. 9.98 Gramm Papier.

-- Veröffentlicht durch ocinside am 9:13 am 12. Nov. 2008

As written before, please take a look into the guide where you can find the necessary download for the previous IC without fusebit changing.

-- Veröffentlicht durch yurishi am 8:54 am 12. Nov. 2008


I'm very  interested in the USB IR receiver.. I've all parts at home but I don't find the firmware download on your page..
Where can I find the download?
Is it possible to have the source code too? I just want to know how it's programmed.


-- Veröffentlicht durch OneEye am 18:06 am 26. April 2007

Thanks for the reply.  I can see there is a lot of confusion out on the net among new users and trying to set the fuse bits to use an external crystal.  Please consider posting the firmware with a cautionary note about the fuse bits.

I must say I'm impressed with your Ultra IR controller implementation.  The power-on feature was one of the highlights of the UIRT2 design and was lost or ignored when someone moved on to create USB-UIRT.  Expanding on Igor's IgorPlug design to incorporate the power-on feature is a great piece of work.

Nicely done!

-- Veröffentlicht durch ocinside am 11:40 am 26. April 2007

Currently, there're only the previous versions (AT90S2323) available for download.
It's necessary to program the fusebits for the newer Atmel Tiny ICs and this isn't easy for most visitors.

-- Veröffentlicht durch OneEye am 22:39 am 25. April 2007

Is the firmware for the two Atmel controllers in your USB Ultra IR Receiver project available for download, or is it only available with the kit purchased through the fanshop? PC Forum
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