Unlocking higher multipliers >12.5 on unlocked 1700+

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--- Unlocking higher multipliers >12.5 on unlocked 1700+

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-- Veröffentlicht durch Darko am 7:09 am 17. März 2006

You say in the socket and not over the pins of the CPU? I'll try it out; I have found the right combination in the workshop; thanks!

-- Veröffentlicht durch Beomaster am 2:41 am 17. März 2006

I would say, even if it take more time to change the multi, to do all with Pinmod.
Just put 5 litte 8mm wires, formed as a U, in the socket and all will be fine.
Sure it will take more time to change multi f.ex. from 13 to 14, but I recognized that CPUs will get thirsty if the multi was changed via bios, sometimes up to 0,15V for the same frequency
so just do it with pinmod, or like others say, the wire trick

-- Veröffentlicht durch Darko am 23:20 am 16. März 2006

Hallo everyone!
I still use Abit KT7a V1.3 with Athlon XP Tbred B 1700+, currenly on 12.5x133. This CPU can do a lot more (tried it on a NF2 board, it goes up to 2.2Ghz). Is there a way to increase a multiplier to 14x? Or 15x? I found here that somene did it, but I don't see the pics :( :

Can anyone help? Thanks...

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