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Ein Ausdruck des Beitrags mit 4 Antworten ergibt bei 3 Antworten pro Seite ca. 2 DIN A4 Seiten. Das entspricht bei 80 g/m² ca. 9.98 Gramm Papier.

-- Veröffentlicht durch CMOS am 11:41 am 10. Nov. 2004

if you plan to realize 4 ddr modules on a s939 board, you have to know, that in this case dualchannel does only work with singlesided ram modules !!

so as beeing said, better go for 2x 1GB Modules .. it´s faster anyway

.. something else is, that if í would spent such an amount of €€€, then i wouldn´t be satisfied by having "only" an a64 3500+ cpu (this cpu is mainstream, no touch of the exclusive!
go for the fx on s939 an make it a pc people would kill for :onhead::rocket::biglol:

-- Veröffentlicht durch dergeert am 1:12 am 6. Nov. 2004

go for watercooling to get maximum performance and ultimate silence!
i didn't go through your comlete listing but i think 2700 euro is a huuuuge budget for a pc and wc must be standard for such a machine, especially if you are looking for some real speed@cpu&gpu.
you will probably get a very high quality kit for about 300 euro (but i'm not the expert for this).
using watercooling it's also worth looking at noise levels of hdd candidates to get a pleasant system.
you might be able to cut down almost 100 euro on the power supply by using lc-power super silent 550w (ebay, 25 euro) which ist recommended throughout this forum for price/performance ratio.  anyway, this would mean using a noname-product inside the "supercomputer".

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-- Veröffentlicht durch NWD am 17:26 am 5. Nov. 2004

-> I dont know if there are A64 - Boards with 4 RAM-Slots..

And less modules is better.. so try to find a shop with 1GB Modules..

-> 2x250 GB S-ATA in Raid0 .. I would prefer this.. Hi Speed for the whole storage...

If it is still too "cheap":

Raid-Controller Promise Fasttrack SX4000 + 64 to 256mb SDRam as Cache for the Controller
4x Maxtor 200GB in RAID 0+1 ( = 400 GB space with amazing speed and secure saving of the data )

This ownz! I had the chance to work for a short time at a PC with this SX4000 ( 64mb ) and a Raid 0 .. amazing..

But only if you have the money for this!

- ATI Graphics! they are faster with qualitiy settings!

- BeQuiet 520W .. these PowerSupplies are extremely silent and they have power ...

Plextor DVD-Reader is good.. Also try an Plextor DVD-Writer ..
Plextor is expensive as hell but with quality from heaven :)

-- Veröffentlicht durch Tassadar am 0:42 am 5. Nov. 2004

Hi all, a friend of mine and me are going to build a computer priced at 2700 € (not  4 us, but for other people, we can't spend so much money on a computer :( )

I've got a list of the components we're planning to use, but we have many doubts and would  like you to help us

What we look for:
-A really high performance PC, able to last many many time.
-Stability and zero problems. Once installed on the owner home can't give stabitily problems

or another kind of problems.
-Nice overclock: Must be able to overclock at a nice mark, and in this way, be more

powerfull than any computer avaiable on market.
-Stetically beautiful: this person have restricted us to a mid-tower black coloured.

Obviusly we want a beautifull tower of an high quality and nice design.
-High speed ripping (depends on DVD reader)

list of components:


ATX Box (mid-tower): Thermaltake Tsunami Black with window: 160 €
Alternative: Lian Li?

Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 - 199 €
Alternative: K8N Neo2 Platinum-54G - 169 € (Problem: Thermalright XP-120 can't be installed

on it)

CPU: Winchester 3500+ - 325 €
Alternative: Athlon FX 53 or 55(discarted by too high price)

HeatSink: Thermalright XP-120 - 60,32 €
Alternative: Thermalright XP-90

CPU fan: 12 cm Titan (TFD-12025M12C 12 cm -aluminium colour-)

RAM: 2 gb DDR on dual channel (4x512mb) (any option for 2*1Gb quality mem?)

OCZ PC 500 latencies 2,5-4-4-7 (OCZ5001024ELDCGE-K)
Alternative: Geil (same speed and latencies than OCZ), Corsair....

VGA: Asus V9999GE/TD (Retail) 409
Alternative: ATI X800pro? (X800XT is too expensive)
(I would prefer ATI than nvidia, but i have heard very good about this V9999, I've read it's

mutable and highly overclockeable)

Hard Drive 2x250 Gb Serial ATA Western Digital on RAID mode - 344 €
Alternative: 2x74 Gb WD Raptor 10k rpm on RAID mode + 1x200 Gb WD for storage

Floppy drive: standard black front drive

DVD Reader: Plextor 16x PX-116A black front - 32 €
Alternative: Toshiba, liteon? (Must be avaiable with black front)

DVD Writer: Nec ND-3500A (black front)
Alternatives: Lite On SOHW-1633S Frontal negro 89
             Pioneer A08 frontal negro 120 euros

IAS - Merlin Guerin 600va - 120€

Power Supply: Enermax EG 475AX-VE(G) SFMA 470W - 121,9 €
Alternative: Be quiet 520w

BAYBUS - Bay Fan 6 Canales Black - 34,57 €


Case fans: 2 12 cm titan (the same that for the CPU)

Some lights, neon and this kind of stuff

Thermal compound: Artic Silver 5 - 12 Grams - 13,92 €

Some other things


the main doubts we've got are in the mainboard (don't know if gigabyte is nice for OC, but

MSI don't accept XP-120 heatsink), in the processor and in Power supply and memory dimms.

Well, I accept and thant advices in all the componets :)

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