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-- Veröffentlicht durch PUNK2018 am 23:50 am 4. Jan. 2008

that´s much better :thumb:

-- Veröffentlicht durch cagancelik am 23:48 am 4. Jan. 2008

Hehe i've solved the problem.It's because i changed the Overvoltage jumper on mainboard which allows to supply extra power to cpu.Just before i disabled it and turned to default 1,65 :)

-- Veröffentlicht durch PUNK2018 am 23:22 am 4. Jan. 2008

Its defently to much vcore! control your settings in the BIOS and change them if posible!

-- Veröffentlicht durch cagancelik am 23:15 am 4. Jan. 2008

according to Cpu-z and Asus Prob my cpu is running 1,87V with factory settings @1833 Mhz...

Without overclock 1,87V isn't it too much ?

-- Veröffentlicht durch Beomaster am 23:31 am 25. Dez. 2007

you can run your CPU with 1,85V if it's well cooled (Tmax 55°C)
but you must be sure that you have 1,85V and not more, maybe the programm telling you you have more than 1,9V is reading the wrong chip
so get a second program like cpu-z and look what this program is telling you

-- Veröffentlicht durch PUNK2018 am 21:44 am 25. Dez. 2007

more than 1.9 will be dangerous also with good cooling it will not be good
i think the limits are reached

-- Veröffentlicht durch cagancelik am 21:42 am 25. Dez. 2007

There's a selection menu named "CPU Speed".And there are values like 1467,1833 and 2200Mhz in it.It automatically changes FSB if i choose them but it doesn't work.I tried it and system crashed...

From the things you dudes sayings i must keep my Vcore as low as possible for the good of my CPU eh ? :)

Well 300 Mhz is not valuable than a CPU.I want to use my CPU long...You frightened me...

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-- Veröffentlicht durch PUNK2018 am 21:33 am 25. Dez. 2007

A vcore of more than 1,9V is not sooo good especially  when you want to keep your hardware longer than 2 years :D ;)

But how about your cooling!? 1,95V is very hard to cool down.

-- Veröffentlicht durch Beomaster am 21:31 am 25. Dez. 2007

maybe it's an issue that belong to the Chipset, it's better running as close as possible with 166 or 200
first it would be better to know whats the real VCore of your processor, because betwenn 1,75V and 1,92V there's a big difference for your processor and his lifetime
if your voltage is 1,75V than try following:
if there is a jumper for fsb set it to 200(DDR400)
then raise voltage to 1,80V and raise FSB to 200
maybe it will run, or not

-- Veröffentlicht durch cagancelik am 21:29 am 25. Dez. 2007

After i wrote here,i made some changes and improved my overclocking progress.Now cpu speed: 2165Mhz,ext. clock:196.48Mhz and system bus 392Mhz... Thanks to increasing VCore from 1,75 to 1,80 in the BIOS.I can't increase the speed anymore.If i do it crashes.

Thanks for replying PUNK2018.However i selected 1,80 in the BIOS,my monitoring software shows VCore: "1,984" (I have another hardware monitor in the BIOS and it shows also "1,984").I think "1,984" is the real value.

Shall i try increasing Vcore more? If you say so, there's another selection in the BIOS "1,85" --the highest one-- but i'm afraid when i select it the real Vcore value may jump higher then "2,00".It seems quite dangerous to me.What do you think ?

Here's screenshot of my current overclocking progress:

And this the screenshot of my monitoring software that shows my current VCore voltage...

By the way, i stressed my cpu with Jouni Vuorio's CPU Stability Test software.After 10 minutes of CPU warming test the tempature jumped from 50 to 67C but not more...I think it's ideal isn't it ?

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-- Veröffentlicht durch PUNK2018 am 15:46 am 25. Dez. 2007

Well it seems to be important to know the curret voltage given to the CPU check it with CPU-z or speedfan

-- Veröffentlicht durch cagancelik am 12:13 am 25. Dez. 2007

Hi there!
All guys here speaking German but my German is not fluent so i prefer to speak English.I hope someone can help me.

OK.Here's the problem.I have an AMD AThlon XP 2500+ Cpu and Asus A7V8X-X Mainboard.I also updated BIOS version from 1008 to 1012.For the last my Ram is Kingston 1GB DDR400.

My default cpu settings were:
1833Mhz speed
166Mhz external clock
333Mhz FSB
1,65V Vcore

Yesterday i increased my External clock and FSB with very small steps.I finally came to 195Mhz External Clock and 391Mhz FSB & DDR Speed.Now my Cpu name string: Amd Athlon 3200+ and maximum speed is 2155Mhz.When i wanted to increase it more system crashed in games like Doom3,Rome Total War or even at the system start.My Vcore valtage is now 1,75Mhz (however Hardware Monitör says it's 1,92).I'm always checking the tempature it's ok working below 50 C...

I want to increase more and reach 200 Mhz FSB 400Mhz DDR Speed.But i don't wanna deal with "overclocking with pen or knife" they seem extremely dangerous to me.So is there anyone who can solve my problems ? Here's the photo of my cpu and current overclocking status with WCPUID Software...

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