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Review of postings for vcore and vio and vagp mod (the latest posts first)
Harveyss Erstellt: 15:11 am 29. Juni 2002
ok, thanks for that oc. Will have to try that sometime.
ocinside Erstellt: 12:21 am 27. Juni 2002
Ups, sorry for the late answer :snore:

20k resistor with 20k variable resistor should be OK and if you like to get a little bit higher Vcore just use a 10k resistor with a 20 k var. res.
Harveyss Erstellt: 2:04 am 24. Juni 2002
what value resistor are you using zackata? I have a soltek DRV4, and want about 2.05v. Am thinking of using a 20k resistor, in line with 10k variable resistor.


ocinside Erstellt: 11:42 am 1. April 2002
This depends on your power supply unit and is a normal consequence with a higher Vcore, but should be no problem.
Zackata Erstellt: 11:19 am 1. April 2002
There is only one problem. As I raise the voltage, the +5 V?? sinks to 4,5. is this a problem?
Im watercooled, so the temps are stable
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ocinside Erstellt: 8:55 am 27. März 2002
Wow, that's really luck :thumb:
But keep watching your CPU temperatur :danger:
Zackata Erstellt: 21:51 am 26. März 2002
I now successfully run 2,41 V !!!!!!!
ocinside Erstellt: 17:23 am 26. März 2002
Nope, i guess you wouldn't kill the board, may be the CPU if it's overheated, but without another modification you won't get such a Vcore - about 2.1 Volt should be the maximum for the OVP.
Zackata Erstellt: 11:12 am 26. März 2002
Thanks alot!!!!

Would I kill the board if I try to get, for example, 2,2- 2,3 V ?
ocinside Erstellt: 8:05 am 26. März 2002
That's it :thumb:

So take THIS GUIDE to modify your board