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Review of postings for D Uranium Waterblock (the latest posts first)
GLOW Erstellt: 14:47 am 30. Nov. 2002

DangerDen roxx but only with TEC's
nBrKronic Erstellt: 13:36 am 4. Nov. 2002
looking i want one too....where can i buy it?
troska Erstellt: 1:03 am 1. Nov. 2002
@nwd what if got one and the pic was no prob!!! :noidea:
  it loooooks  veeeeryyy niiice i want one!!! :beer:
DominatoR Erstellt: 23:36 am 28. Okt. 2002
I have no idea...just check out this website ! everything is explained on it.
Munro Erstellt: 23:04 am 28. Okt. 2002
No word about little heatsincks...

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gammelmon Erstellt: 21:00 am 28. Okt. 2002
cool ,uraniunm??

@Domi's pics
this little thing is for a cpu??
OetziLutschi0815 Erstellt: 20:13 am 28. Okt. 2002
and this water block shout be better than other water coolers?!
its onl another copper cooler.
and it doesnt looks strange like other modified with plexi glass.-.

nothing special

mfg Ötzi
NWD Erstellt: 20:01 am 28. Okt. 2002
mmh nice !

very blank back !

but some of the peopelz here have only a modem and these pics are a "little" bit big .. ..
DominatoR Erstellt: 18:01 am 28. Okt. 2002

(Geändert von DominatoR um 18:01 am Okt. 28, 2002)
nBrKronic Erstellt: 17:24 am 28. Okt. 2002
I know the water block fom Italy. But i think they only call it Uranium. But it looks great! plz give us some pictures for the others so they can imaging the block.