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Review of postings for IR-REPEATER (the latest posts first)
ocinside Erstellt: 15:14 am 6. Okt. 2015
Looks great :thumb:
DaPlague Erstellt: 14:37 am 6. Okt. 2015
Before i start soldering, is this the way you meant it to be?

(Geändert von DaPlague um 14:46 am 6. Okt. 2015)

And when i use my Über paint skills, would it look something like this?

(Geändert von DaPlague um 14:51 am 6. Okt. 2015)

I used this 7805:

(Geändert von DaPlague um 14:57 am 6. Okt. 2015)
ocinside Erstellt: 13:25 am 6. Okt. 2015
May be you've bought another 7805 type or there's a disturbance source.
Yes, you can, in this case you don't need the 7805.

Just solder out the 7805 and solder +5V and GND from the USB conntector to these pins.

Here's the USB pinout:

DaPlague Erstellt: 13:08 am 6. Okt. 2015
After using the IR repeater for a while, I used 3 battery’s, it seems that when the battery’s voltage is below 8V the IR-Repeater doesn’t work anymore, the IR-LEDS are very weak and the red light lights up continuously (not flickering).

Is there something wrong with my build?

Can I replace the 9volt connector with a usb connector?
ocinside Erstellt: 22:23 am 26. Sep. 2015
Great, good to read that the IR-Repeater is working now with all devices :thumb:
We also offer a tiny box for the infrared repeater in the fanshop with or without space for the battery.
Most TVs have enough USB ports to use one for the IR repeater.
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DaPlague Erstellt: 22:05 am 26. Sep. 2015
Everything works now!

I replaced the 6.8K resitor with 2 wires, and lead them to the 1k resistor and the 10k rotary potentiometer, whom are connected in series, and without tuning it worked right away. (lucky me!)

Thank you for the patience and all the help and suggestions!, all i have to do now is find a suitable container for it, i was thinking of placing the IR-Reciever on my tv and connecting it by wire to the PCB.

ocinside Erstellt: 7:30 am 25. Sep. 2015
Yes, looks nice, but it's not necessary to order them, because you've dozens of resistors and very tiny variable resistors in old PC parts like CDROM or DVDROM drives.

Offtopic: Thanks for the Noordwijk Hotel recommendation of your girlfriend :thumb:
DaPlague Erstellt: 22:11 am 24. Sep. 2015
Offtopic: Hotel Koningshof is a recommendation of my girlfriend (she is a travel agent)

Ontopic: Ive ordered a 1k resistor and a 10 potentiometer, should i connect it like this:

(Geändert von DaPlague um 22:12 am 24. Sep. 2015)

(Geändert von DaPlague um 22:13 am 24. Sep. 2015)
ocinside Erstellt: 16:58 am 24. Sep. 2015
I would recommend the variable resistor.
The other devices should still work, because it should be just a minimum adjustment.
If the difference of the R4 resistor is too high that other devices won't work with the new resistor value, it could be indeed necessary to build another one.
But I would try before buy, then you know what you've to expect and if this works with your TX-NR626.

Offtopic: Thanks, I'll compare the prices next year before booking.
DaPlague Erstellt: 16:44 am 24. Sep. 2015
if i replace it with a 1k resistor and a 10k rotary potentiometer, will the other devices still work? or should i build another one with this modification? or is this an option:

If that doesn't work with your Onkyo TX-NR626, you could build a special cable for the external "IR IN MAIN" IR connection input - but this is worth a complete new topic.

What would you recommend?

Offtopic: there are multiple hotels in and around Noordwijk, i would suggest to keep an eye out for special deals, if you would like to stay in the center of Noordwijk there are a lot of Hotels to choose from, if you dont mind to be on the outerside of Noordwijk i would recommend NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst