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Review of postings for Overclocking Pentium 4M (the latest posts first)
Bliemsr Erstellt: 10:20 am 29. Juli 2006
Dude, just to make sure... you did check all the options that your
notebook's bios has to offer, right?
Just asking.

MidnightPilot Erstellt: 6:40 am 28. Juli 2006
Ok, this is the last post on this subject.
I finally got around to pin modding the CPU.
I removed the pin completely since it was easier than painting it.

Well, no change. Same speed, no overclock. :noidea:

No matter what I try, NOTHING. I mean, even the *%(#* Pin Mod,
which works with every other computer in the *#($* planet, does
not work with the *$(#@! 9100!!!

Screw it. I'm out of ideas.


MidnightPilot Erstellt: 21:23 am 2. Mai 2006
I deleted my last 4 posts since they had so many inaccurate comments.

I have used SetFSB and even communicated to the writer on a
few occasions. He send me 2 different prototype programs.
Both failed, He advised mt to resign myself. This computer
is made specifically not to overclock.

So you know what that means?


The Tecra 9100 has a Pentium 4M Northwood core. This means that it
is still a Pentium 4 and it is a 478 pin socket just like the desktops
without the heat spreader. The Pentium M is COMPLETELY different.
It has 479 pins but is really a heavily modded Pentium 3 core and it is
NOT AT ALL compatable with Socket 478 (looks the same but is wired

Pentium M = Centrino
Pentium 4M = Pentium 4.

Fact of the matter is, a P-M 1.4ghz is probably faster than a P-4M 1.8ghz.

My only other options are:
1. Buy a 2.2ghz Pentium 4M on Ebay
2. Research or discover some sort of hardware mod.

I have NOT given up yet!

I recently found a pinmod to change the FSB from 100 to 133 which
would make my 1.8ghz oc to 2.4ghz.

It may be a month or so before I have the time (and courage) to try this.

I'll report back (as usual) for the final results.


(Geändert von MidnightPilot um 4:31 am Mai 4, 2006)
Philly Erstellt: 2:57 am 13. Juli 2005
Hm...if its Socket 479 its a Centrino Notebook ?  :noidea: if yes, you can download "SetFSB" for ACER 1692...
MidnightPilot Erstellt: 13:44 am 25. Juni 2005
It is a socket 479. It's really a heavily modified Pentium3.
They are known to be very good overclockers. I can't seem
to find a way to OC the damn thing. I'm still looking for:
1. Pin mod
2. "Wire trick"
3. software mod
4. hardware mod
5. anything else

FSB adjustment by software, doesn't work. Mabie a hardware mod.
I'm still looking for a PLL chip type.

My poor Tecra was dead for a month. a capacitor fell off the I/O board
and killed it. I bought aother Tecra on ebay for parts source so now I
can experiment.

Remember, I'll take ANY suggestions.

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Notebook Erstellt: 1:23 am 27. Mai 2005
Your laptop is definitive one with an pentium 4 mobile.
With socket 478.

Why not OC it, when it is possible?
I OC my notebook with an DESKTOP P4 and it is not very hotter compared to default clocks.
Check out if the degrees stay stable when OCed, maybe you know the toll MobileMeter.
ErSelbst Erstellt: 13:40 am 29. April 2005
A P-M with socket 479 is NO PENTIUM4!!!

A P4-M is a special version of P4 with lower voltage. The P-M has a completely different Core, mot L2 cache (1 oder 2MB), only 100MHz (the new one 133) FSB an so on ....
MidnightPilot Erstellt: 5:20 am 16. Feb. 2005
Actually, that didn't work. (thanks anyhow)
I DID find the 3rd screw (insert joke here) which was from the bottom
right next to the memory access panel. (who knew?)

Only one chip was visible:

ALPS        3889
222        TO2 (or T02)

Is this a PLL chip. (I'll be looking up info on google)



Nope, it's NOT a PLL chip (DAMN!).
Back to the drawing board.

(Geändert von MidnightPilot um 5:40 am Feb. 16, 2005)
ocinside Erstellt: 11:40 am 15. Feb. 2005
May be you have to push it a little bit down (away from the screen) to get the keyboard out of the chassis but it should be enough to push it only a little bit - be careful, it's a nice notebook
MidnightPilot Erstellt: 3:48 am 15. Feb. 2005
I tried to take off the keyboard. The keyboard strip was removed and
2 screws removed but the thing didn't want to come out and I wasn't
in the mood to force it out.

More when I find what is holding the center of the keyboard to the
computer. :noidea: