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Review of postings for Virgin here help w/ 900mhz Tbird (the latest posts first)
cheech2711 Erstellt: 23:12 am 9. Mai 2004
hmm I can´t see a reason why the workshop stuff shouln´t work for ya. anyway I guess the switches are for setting the fsb and multiplier manually. so before ya do any painting read the motherboard book and look how ya can get that 1gig by setting the jumpers
then its realy importend that ya do a bios update
Kitjay21 Erstellt: 8:53 am 4. April 2004
I want to up the processor speed to about 1131mhz or so. I read the workshop stuff, but I'm still not totally sure how to do this. I have a K7133 NMC chipset motherboard, not sure the actuall make, with a sort of outa date BIOS and it has dip switches 2 of them w/ 6 each on each not sure what they are used for either. Anyhow, If i knife and pencil the picture setup the way it's decribed will it bee a 1131mhz 133mhz FSB? Or do I need to do BIOS stuff other then what is stated in the workshop?

Forgive my Ignorance for this is my virgin motherboard overclocking experiance.

Thanks in advance Kitjay21