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Review of postings for I dont understand part of pin mod guid please help me!! (the latest posts first)
Beomaster Erstellt: 11:16 am 28. Sep. 2003
the L1 brides have to be closed, like you said, by the newer tbred, barton and even duron applebred thats the way, so you mustn't modify anything at the bridges.
SyCo Erstellt: 3:34 am 28. Sep. 2003
" If you like to use the interactive pin-mod guide with an AMD XP CPU (five L1 and four L3 bridges),
you also need to connect the five L1 bridges with silver conductive compound to connect the signals from
the FID pins with your CPU core.
But it's not necessary with a newer AMD T-Bred or AMD Barton CPU, so you're also able to modify CPUs
with a varnish layer on the surface." if i have a new one what should i do with the L1 bridges? modify with varnish layer on the surface? what does that mean???